Stop Job-Killing Taxes!

The left-wing media and the government employee unions are propagating a lot of untruths about Measures 66 & 67. Please read the Ten Top Whoppers from the Jop Stoppers, which lists the lies, and also provides the facts to refute them.

Listen to what Oregon State Representative Sal Esquivel has to say about these measures.

For more information on Measures 66 and 67, who supports them, who opposees them, and why, please visit

To volunteer at our local phone bank, please contact Karen Blair at or 541-779-5989 to schedule a couple of hours to call people and encourage them to vote No on these taxes. Or you can stop by the phone bank any time and spend as much or as little time as you feel inclined to help save jobs and make our government stick to a budget, like the rest of us have to. The phone bank is at 1175 E. Main Street, Suite 2E, in Medford. Whatever time you can spare is much appreciated!

FAQ on Measures 66 & 67