Chicago’s Mayor Daley to Woo Oregon Business in Wake of 66 & 67

On January 28, The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Mayor Daley sees Oregon’s blunder in passing Measures 66 & 67 as good news — for Chicago.

“What happened in Oregon is not good news for Oregon. They believe that anybody who makes $125,000 or more [annually], or businesses or anyone who makes $250,000 — they’re gonna start taxing them. They call them ‘rich people,’ ” the mayor said.

“I’ve always thought America stands for [rewarding success]. You finish high school. You work hard, go to college and you hope to succeed in life. I never knew it’s a class war—that those who succeed in life are the ones that have to bear all the burden. I never realized that. It will be a whole change in America that those who succeed and work hard [that] we’re gonna tax ‘em more than anyone else.”

Daley said Oregon’s tax blunder spells opportunity for Chicago.

“It will help our economic development immediately. You’d better believe it. We’ll be out in Oregon enticing corporations to relocate to Chicago. I’ll be very frank. I make no bones about that. If those states want to do that, so be it,” he said.,mayor-daley-trade-shows-012810.article