Maurer vs Castillo – Down to the Wire!

Ron Maurer and Susan Castillo are running neck and neck. When there are only two candidates in a race in the primary, if either candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, there is no runoff election in November. Right now, Susan Castillo has 50.04% of the vote. This is the closest race in Oregon’s history since vote-by-mail was established.

If you’ve been contacted by the County Elections Office because there was some question about your signature on the ballot envelope, or your envelope was unsigned, PLEASE get in touch with them ASAP to verify your signature! The deadline is May 28.

We need less than 400 votes statewide to get Ron Maurer a chance to run in November. If you know anyone who vote for Ron Maurer, who has been contacted by the County Elections Office to verify their signature, offer to drive them down the the Courthouse and buy them a Dutch Bros after they verify their signature. This is a critical race! We must do whatever we can to support Ron Maurer!!