Dr. Ron Maurer Concedes Race for Superintendent of Public Instruction

By the narrowest margin in Oregon state history, Susan Castillo won the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction in the primary, exceeding the 50% required to avoid a runoff election by a mere 0.02%. For anybody who feels their vote doesn’t count, or that primaries are insignificant, this should be a wake up call.

If only 128 more people had voted for Dr. Maurer in the primary, it would have secured a runoff election in November and provided a real opportunity to fix our broken public education system, which currently ranks 43rd in the nation. Ron Maurer believes we can do a whole lot better than that. It would only have taken 128 more votes in the primary to find out…

Ron Maurer has served us exceptionally well as State Representative for the 3rd District, and would easily have been re-elected. But he felt that turning around our failing public education system would better leverage his background (he has a B.A, M.A., and PhD in education) and would have a greater impact on the future of our children and of our state. He ran a great race. It took a lot of courage to give up a seat in which he was assured of re-election to challlenge a comfortable incumbent in the hopes of improving our education system.

We feel trememdous appreciation for the integrity with which he has represented us in the state legislature, and we wish him the very best in whatever he decides to pursue next.

Thank you, Ron Maurer!