Now You Can Donate Online!

We just got a new Donate button on our Donations page, so you can donate money to the Josephine County Republican Party online. Try it out!

This November, we have a real opportunity to replace the ineffective tax-and-spend Democrats currently holding office with fiscally responsible Republicans who will represent our values.

But it costs a lot of money to run a campaign, and we’re running a campaign not just for the candidates we support, but for the reintroduction of traditional Republican principles and values in our government and our culture. We need funding for a campaign headquarters, for literature and flyers, for decorations for floats and fair booths, and to put on fund-raising events that will help us raise more funds to get the word out that the Grand Old Party is back!

A donation in any amount will help us achieve our goals of raising the visibility of our party, our principles, and the candidates we support for local, state, and national office.

So please try out our new Donate button today!