Election of Treasurer and Bonus Delegates

At last night’s Republican Central Committee meeting, we unanimously elected Kathy Kelly as our new Treasurer. Kathy is a CPA, and will be a great asset to our Executive Committee. Congratulations to Kathy (and much appreciation, as well)!

The biennial Oregon State Republican Convention will be held on August 27 and 28 in Tigard. The number of delegates representing each county is determined by the number of registered Republicans in the county. Each county gets three delegates automatically, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee, and a delegate who is elected at the same time as the Executive Committee officers. Each county also gets “bonus” delegate based on the number of registered Republicans in the county at the time of the convention. This year, we have four bonus delegates, who were elected at the RCC meeting last night, along with four new alternates.

The bonus delegates are Ron Glynn, Jack Swift, Jean Sweat, and Ron Ruby. The newly elected alternates are Helen Scott, Jim Frick, Richard Siler, and Ivan Cermak. These people will represent our county very well at the state convention. Please congratulate them next time you see them!