Oregon Republican Convention Recap

Over the weekend, your delegates attended the Oregon Republican Convention in Tigard, Oregon. The convention was attended by over 200 delegates from all over the state. We heard from some of our great candidates including Chris Dudley. It was the 1st time I had heard him speak. I was quite impressed by what he said. I believe he has the right stuff to be a good leader for Oregon. Now, it is up to us to get him elected. A strong campaign on his behalf will also help our other great candidates. If you want something to inspire you to help, just think of 4 more years of John Kitzhaber.

Ron Glynn
Chair, PCP Coordination Committee


One thought on “Oregon Republican Convention Recap

  1. We worked hard on the Republican State Platform and had a very sucessful event. we passsed a comphrensive, viable and christian platform and Oregon should be very proud of its’ hard working delegates. we support Chris Tefler for Treasurer, Jim Huffan for the senate and Chris Dudley for Govenor. The Republican Precient people will be going door to door very soon. Please look at this slate of candidates and know that they are who we need in office. Please vote and tell all you know to get out the vote and vote conservatively please. Jean Sweat

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