Congratulations! Look What We Won!

Please congratulate our newly elected County Commissioner, Simon Hare, and our newly elected State Representative, Wally Hicks!

Simon Wally


And please also congratulate our re-elected Sheriff, Gil Gilbertson, our re-elected State Representatives, Dennis Richardson and Tim Freeman, and our re-elected Congressman, Greg Walden!

Gil Dennis Tim Greg


While we lost some key statewide races, we came awfully close to electing a Republican governor. In elections as close as this year’s County Commissioner race, governor race, and the primary race for Superintendent of Public Education, it becomes excruciatingly clear that every vote truly counts.

Thank you for voting, and a special thanks to all who volunteered their time at the phone banks, or door-to-door campaigning, or putting up yard signs, or standing at the 6th Street bridge in the rain to show your support for our candidates. We elected some great candidates this year! They won, you won, and we all won, thanks to your efforts. Let’s do it again in 2012!