JoCo RCC Elects Executive Committee and Delegates

Last night, the Jospephine County Republican Central Committee held its biannual organizational meeting to elect the Executive Committee and Delegates for the next two years. The Republican Central Committee is made up of your elected Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs).

Last night, the officers of the Executive Committee were re-elected by acclamation. Bill Ertel remains our Chair; Eric Schaafsma remains our Vice Chair; Kathy Kelly remains our Treasurer; and Cathy Swift remains our Secretary. Also elected to the Executive Committee last night were Lowell Gibson, Margaret Goodwin, Leah Kurz, Zachary Robinson, Trenor Scott, and Jack Swift.

Ron Glynn was elected as our Delegate to the State Central Committee. (The Chair and Vice Chair are automatic delegates.) The three Alternate Delegates elected are Ron Ruby, Jack Swift, and Georgette Brown.

Please congratulate our new Republican Central Committee Leadership!

We also have a number of committees for which we’re seeking volunteers. Within the next couple of days, we’ll post a list of the committees, and how you can volunteer to participate in revitalizing your Republican Party!