Joint Ways and Means Committee Meeting in Medford

There will be a Joint Ways & Means meeting in Medford on Friday 22nd 5:00-7:00p.m. at the Medford Armory. In the past the majority of individuals who show up for these hearings are Union members speaking loudly about no cuts to this program, no cuts to schools, no cuts to DHS, no co pay on our insurance!!

In order for Ways & Means committee members to hear that the Oregonians from Southern Oregon are in favor of less government interference, less government spending and attention to being fiscally conservative , is for all of our Southern Oregon individuals to SHOW UP!!

So please send this out to your email lists, member lists, friends and neighbors. Let’s show up in force, support Rep. Richardson who has done an extraordinary job in Ways & Means – and let the Committee know that you comprehend that cuts will be necessary, being fiscally conservative is what is necessary – Thank you Sal

Sal Esquivel
State Representative, District 6