JoCo Republicans Formulate Policy on Local Issues



MAY 19, 2011

The Precinct Committee Persons of the Josephine County Republican Party met Tuesday night in Grants Pass for their semi-annual meeting.

Business of the meeting was the conduct of a straw poll to determine local preferences for Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012 and to develop official Josephine County Republican Party positions on several local issues.

In the straw poll, Ron Paul was the clear local favorite, drawing 37% of the vote. Herman Caine came in second with 20%, while Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin tied at third with 10% each. Mitt Romney drew 7% and Huckabee, Scott, Gingrich, Daniels and Pawlenty all drew 3%.

On the issues considered, it was established that it is the official policy of the local Republican Party to support HB 3615 which seeks to establish regional authority to determine local land rule definitions of key elements of the comprehensive land use plan for the County.

It was likewise established that the local Republican Party opposes HB 2492 as written. The measure seeks to remove the election of party precinct persons from the election ballots.

The committee also established that the Josephine County Republican Party officially opposes the imposition of a privilege tax in either the County or the City of Grants Pass.

Finally, the committee established that the party opposes a County government plan of organization encompassing an un-elected County Manager.

The committee spokesperson described the meeting as an excellent example of grass roots decision making in action.

Eric Schaafsma,
Josephine County Republican Central Committee