ORP State Central Committee Meeting Report

JoCo Chairman Bill Ertel, delegates Ron Glynn and Jack Swift attended the May 21, 2010 Oregon Republican Party State Central meeting in Wilsonville, Oregon. The meeting was very well attended by many delegates from all over the State of Oregon. The newly elected State Chairman Allen Alley gave the Central Committee an overview of the Party’s plans for the 2012 election. Also, the Oregon Republican Party is in very good financial shape and will embark on a vigorous funding raising program for the 2012 Election.

RNC committeeman Solomon Yue and RNC committteewoman Donna Cain reported to the Central Committee on the current status of the Republican National Committee. They indicated the possibility for hosting a Republican Primary Debate in March of 2012. This would be a great thing for our State Party if we are selected.

The Central Committee also voted to have the next State Republican Platform Convention this year instead of 2012. The Convention will take place between August and October at a place to be determined. The meeting was concluded at the scheduled time and all Party business was completed successfully.