RCC Organizational Meeting, July 19

The Josephine County Republican Central Committee will have an Organization Meeting on Tuesday, July 19. At this meeting, we’ll be electing our four “bonus” delegates to the Oregon state Republican Convention, as well as four alternate delegates. The convention will be held on September 8-9 in Bend. The Republican Central Committee is made up of all the PCPs!(Precinct Committee Persons) in Josephine County.

The state Republican Convention is where your elected delegates will be forumulating the state Republican Party platform for the 2012 campaign. It’s critical that we have a strong platform in the 2012 elections, and that our platform accurately reflects the principles, values, and positions that we as Republicans believe in. The way to ensure this is to elect delegates who believe as you do, and who will advocate strongly and articulately for those positions.

If you’re interested in being a delegate, ask a fellow PCP to nomninate you at the Organizational Meeting, or use the Contact form on this site to let us know you’d like to be nominated. If you’re not currently a PCP, but are interested in becoming one, please call Bill Ertel, 218-6538, or use the Contact form.

What: RCC Organizational Meeting
When: Tuesday, July 19
Registration: 6:30 PM
Agenda: 7:00 PM
Where: Guild Building
The Boardroom
1867 Williams Hwy