See You at the Fair!

Hey, everybody, — it’s Fair week!

Don’t forget to come to the fair, — and while you’re there, don’t forget to stop by the Jospehine County Republican booth. It’s all new this year, with a focus on YOU. It’s a whole new party, and it’s all about grass roots. So come join the party! Bring your friends! Bring the kids! Vote in a straw poll for your favorite Republican presidential candidate for 2012.

Is your voter registration up to date? (If you’ve moved since you registered, you need to re-register.) You can do it at the fair! Do you know anybody who’s new in town, or has let their voter registration lapse, or wants to re-register as a Republican this year and make a difference? Bring them to the fair!

Do you want to know how you can make a difference? Do you ever wonder how you can impact the strategic direction of the Republican Party? Do you know how to contact your precinct person who represents you at the Republican Central Committee meetings? Would you like to volunteer to help with the 2012 Republican campaigns at the local, state, or national level? Find out how at the Republican booth at the Josephine County Fair!

It’s vitally important to the future of our nation, but it’s also fun to get involved with people who share your vision of America, and are doing something about it. So come join the party and make a difference in our future! We’ll be happy to show you how.

It’s a Grand New Party, and it’s your party now!