Less Spending, Less Debt Under Republican Co-Leadership

2011-13 Budget By the Numbers

New Budget Numbers Highlight Republican Efforts to Bring Spending Under Control

  1. Amount in tax increases passed by the 2011 Legislature: $0.
  2. Percentage decrease in Total Funds budget compared to the 2009-11 Total Funds budget: -7.1 percent (This is the first biennial decline in the total funds budget since the 1981-83 biennium).
  3. Percentage drop in state fee increases authorized by the 2011 Legislature ($12.2M) compared to increases authorized by the 2009 Legislature ($330.9M): -96 percent.
  4. Percentage decrease in General Fund debt authorized by the Legislature:
    -85.7 percent. (The 2009 Legislature authorized $984.5 million in GF debt, and the 2011 Legislature authorized $140.6 million in GF debt).
  5. Percentage decrease in Other Funds expenditures compared to 2009-11 Other Funds budget: -6.8 percent.
  6. Reserves in 2011-13 budget prior to the September 2011 forecast: $460 million. (These substantial reserves include a $150 million ending balance, plus an additional $310 million “supplemental ending balance” that was held back from state agencies’ GF/LF budgets).
  7. The number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) positions in the 2011-13 budget: 50,531.
  8. Percentage decrease in FTEs compared to the 2009-11 budget: -2.1 percent. The number of state positions has declined for the first time since at least the mid-1990s.
  9. The number of vacant but previously funded positions that were cut from the budget: 534.

Source: Legislative Fiscal Office’s Highlights of the 2011-13 Legislatively Adopted Budget