Represent Your Precinct in the Republican Central Committee

Members of the Republican Central Committee are elected by their precincts. The official title is a Precinct Committee Person (PCP). PCPs attend the twice yearly Central Committee meetings and vote on policy issues, campaign strategy, delegates to the Oregon state Republican convention and Oregon state Central Committee.

PCPs are also eligible to be elected by the Central Committee as delegates themselves, and as members of the Executive Committee. PCPs represent their precincts in the Central Committee, and are the representatives of the Republican Party in their precincts. They’re the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

Republican PCPs are elected by the registered Republican voters in their precinct. If you would like to be a PCP, you need to file with the County Clerk’s office. The filing deadline is March 6.

Every precinct has an equal number of men and women PCP allotments. The number of Republican PCPs allotted to a precinct is determined by the number of registered Republicans in that precinct, so most precinccts in Josephine County have multiple PCPs.

Many of these positions go unfilled because people aren’t aware of the opportunity, or don’t know how to file. Also, many people are unaware that, even if your precinct allotment of PCPs is already full, you can file as a PCP in an adjacent precinct.

When you file your PCP candidate form with the County Clerk, be sure to ask whether there are currently any vacant PCP positions in your precinct. If not, ask which of the adjacent precincts have open positions. The County Clerk’s office is very helpful and will be glad to assist you in filing so that you have the best chance of getting elected as a PCP!

If you have any questions, please call Art Harvey at (541) 474-5240, or e-mail him at

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