Reminder: 2nd & 4th Congressional District Conventions

Official list of candidates for Congressional Distric Conventions now available.

Click here for list of candidates.

As a PCP, you have a direct voice in the policies of your local Republican Party. At the 4th Congressional District Convention, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard at both the state and national level as well, by electing officers and delegates who share your values to be the policy makers for the state and national Republican Party.

All elected PCPs are eligible to participate in the convention. Others may attand as observers, but will not be permitted to vote. (Newly elected PCPs must bring their Certificates of Election. If you haven’t received yours yet, contact the County Clerk’s office at the Courthouse.)

Josephine County is split between two Congressional Districts, ths 2nd and the 4th. All Oregon Congressional Distric Convention will be held simultaneously on Saturday, June 23, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The 2nd Congressional District Convention will be held in Bend, and the 4th Congressional Distric Convention will be held in Roseburg. You can find your district on this map. District #2 includes the city of Grants Pass and surrounding areas. Most of Josephine County is in District #4.

Congressional District Conventions serve three very important functions:

  • Elect delegates for the Republican National Convention.
    Each of the five Congressional Districts in Oregon will elect three delegates to the National Republican Convention, and three alternate delegates. There will also be ten “at large” Delegates elected statewide, and ten alternate “at large” delegates.
    The State Chair, National Committeewoman, and National Committeeman will be automatic Delegates, bringing the Oregon Delegation to a grand total of 28 delegates, with 25 althernates.
  • Nominate seven Republican Presidential Electors.
    If the Republican candidate gets the majority of the presidential votes in Oregon, these electors will cast our electoral college votes for the United States president at the state capitol at Salem on December 15, 2012.
  • Elect Congressional District Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    The Congressional District Chairs and Vice Chairs sit on the State Republican Executive Committee, and decide on Republican policies at the statewide level. The roles of Secretary and Treasurer apply only to the next Congressional District Convention, where the Secretary will record the minutes and the Treasurer will handle the funds received and disbursed for the Convention.

The cost for attending the convention will be approximately $25, including lunch. If you are interested in attending the 2nd or 4th Congressional District Convention as part of the Josephine County delegation, please contact Ron Glynn, who is coordinating our delegation this year.

What: 4th Congressional District Convention
When: Saturday, June 23
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Credentialling begins at 8:00 AM
Where: Umpqua Community College
1140 Umpqua College Rd
Roseburg, OR 97470
Cost: $25 including lunch, or $15 without lunch
What: 2nd Congressional District Convention
When: Saturday, June 23
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Credentialling begins at 8:00 AM
Where: Shilo Inn Bend
3105 O.B. Riley Rd
Bend, OR 97470
Cost: $25 including lunch, or $15 without lunch
Contact: Sue Stout   (541-476-6590)