How Your Tax Dollars Fund the Environmental Movement

The federal government has defended more than 570 Endangered Species Act (ESA)-related lawsuits in the last four years alone, costing U.S. taxpayers more than $15 million in attorney fees. This chart shows the top litigants. You will probably recognize some of these names. (Click image for larger view.)

The Equal Access to Justice Act requires the federal government to reimburse legal fees for the prevailing party in lawsuits against the federal government. Environmental organizations are making millions of dollars by filing endless ESA-related lawsuits. When they lose, it costs very little because their attorneys work on spec. When they win, they can claim up to $500 an hour in attorney fees.

For more information, visit the House Natural Resources Committee site. Chairman Doc Hastings and the House Natural Resources Committee are fighting to end this abuse, and save the millions of dollars we pay to these environmental organizations every year to prevent the productive and responsible use of our natural resources.


One thought on “How Your Tax Dollars Fund the Environmental Movement

  1. Excellent information. I was not aware of this and now that I am aware, I am spreading the word. I oppose use of taxpayer dollars to defend lawsuits brought by these private environmental and animal rights organizations. These are private groups generously funded by contributors and supporters and should not receive federal funds, not should the federal (or state) government be involved in their causes.

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