Calling all PCPs

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, September 18 at 7:00 PM, there will be a PCP training session at our Campaign Headquarters, 326 SW 6th St in Grants Pass.

Whether you’ve been a PCP for ages, or you’re brand new this year, you’re sure to learn something at this PCP training event. Ron Glynn, our PCP coordinator, has been a PCP in Oregon for 22 years, and he has lots of great tips and insights to share.

This is such a critically important election year that we’re asking all PCPs to go above and beyond and make an extra special effort to Get Out The Vote this year. If you’ve never walked your precinct before, this is a great time to start! Perhaps you’ve never had the time, or you’re not comfortable knocking on people’s doors whom you don’t already know. If that’s the case, please come to this meeting! There are ways to make walking your precinct easier, and ways to connect with your Republican neighbors even if you can’t knock on every door.

This year in particular, we need to reach out to every Republican in Josephine County. — And we do that through PCPs like you! It can even be fun. Come and find out how!


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