Restoring Oregon’s Economy

The economic situation in Josephine County, and the entire State of Oregon, is not good. We have no shortage of talent, labor, or resources. We are suffering a malaise caused by overregulation.

We have state agencies ordering and limiting every aspect of the economy, from control of our private property to employer-employee relations. For some thirty years, we have been subject to statewide planning by bureaucrats and this depression is the result. It should be clear at this point that central planning does not work and the time has come to fix the problem.

In Oregon, the most important jobs in government bureaucracy are elected positions. They include the Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Labor Commissioner. These offices can easily be won because of the typical under-vote, if we simply mobilize all our energies in getting conservatives to vote in these important races.

Imagine a bureaucratic leadership dedicated to reining in state bureaucracies, dedicated to freeing the market for free enterprise according to the needs of the market.

This is possible IF we and all our friends, allies, and relatives make it a point to vote:

Oregon Attorney General:  JAMES BUCHAL

Oregon Secretary of State:  KNUTE BUEHLER

Oregon State Treasurer:  THOMAS COX

Oregon Labor Commissioner:  BRUCE STARR


The Job You Save, May Be Your Own