2012 Election Results

  • Barack Obama has been re-elected President.  (Does anybody recall Einstein’s definition of insanity?)
  • Peter DeFazio has been re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, District #4. (Art Robinson carried Josephine, Curry, and Douglas Counties, and DeFazio took Coos County and Lane County.)
  • Greg Walden was re-lected to the U.S. House of Representatives, District #2.
  • Herman Baertschiger has been elected to the Oregon State Senate.
  • Wally Hicks, Tim Freeman, Jeff Kruse, and Dennis Richardson have all been re-elected to the Oregon State House of Representatives.
  • Keith Heck has been elected County Commissioner for Position #2.
  • The race for County Commissioner Position #3 is too close to call at this point, with Cherryl Walker leading Bob Just by 80 votes when the polls closed at 8:00, with about 2,000 votesr left to be counted.
  • Eve Arce will be our new County Treasurer.
  • Art Harvey was re-elected as our County Clerk.

Congratulations to all our Republican elected and re-elected public officials!  While this is a sad day for our nation, we’re glad to have such great representation at the local level!


2 thoughts on “2012 Election Results

  1. I believe for our country and our children’s sake we needed Romney to become our president. In order for our country to heal from the past four years, to bridge the massive divide, and for the debt our children and grandchildren will inherit. I dread what the next four years may bring but must remind myself… God Is In Control.

  2. I am a lifelong Republican and I am worried when I hear all this talk about reaching across the isle and bridging the divide. Why are the Republicans that only ones that have to compromise their principals and sell out those that voted for them? I really believe that we lost because we are becoming less conservative every election cycle. The Senators that lost were all moderate. Romney is moderate. The ones that kept their seats are hard core fiscal conservatives. The writing is on the wall and listening to all the Republicans on the TV this past week it clear that the majority are missing what is really happening. More than half the people that move in my circle didn’t even vote. Their reason was that Romney was really no different than Obama so why bother. Democrat light is not the way the Republicans should move the party. More and more people are voting 3rd party. It should be a sign. Without those conservative voters we don’t have the numbers to win. Its not demographics, its a failure to adhere to the Republican code.

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