Why You Should Vote NO on the Ordinance Ballot Measures

At the Weekly Business Session of the Board of County Commissioners on October 2, Margaret Goodwin presented the case against the four ordinances that were referred to the voters on the November ballot. You can watch a video here. The presentation begins at 32:45 on the video.

Here is a printout of the slides she presented, along with footnotes that reference each section in each ordinance addressed by each bullet point in the slides. <BCC Presentation with footnotes>

You can use the footnotes on each page to look up the referenced sections in the ordinances, which are posted on the County Web site here, and verify the accuracy of every statement.

These are very bad ordinances. The Josephine County Republican Party urges you to vote NO on all four of them.


3 thoughts on “Why You Should Vote NO on the Ordinance Ballot Measures

  1. I watched this on channel 14 and Ms. Goodwin did an outstanding job. If every person in Grants Pass saw this I doubt you would garner a handful of votes in favor of these ordinances. I doubt they will be “ratified” by the voters. The Commissioners, without a vote of the people put them in place. We are voting to UNDO them.

  2. These ordinances look like a very good start towards Agenda 21, which if ever implemented would take all private property rights away from the people, forcing rural folks into the cities. I hope and pray that Josephine County residents can see through these ordinances that take away our right to due process. Please vote NO!

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