Art Robinson to Face DeFazio Again

State GOP Chair Art Robinson has filed to run for Congressional District 4, currently occupied by Peter DeFazio.

Art has faced DeFazio in the last two elections but DeFazio has strong support in the liberal urban areas.

We need to fully support Art this time around and DEFEAT DEFAZIO!


One thought on “Art Robinson to Face DeFazio Again

  1. Art Robinson and his family brought strength to our campaign to defeat the 4 ordinances which where on the ballot. They contributed a great deal to Josephine County efforts and we greatly appreciate this. While Mr. Robinson is facing some criticism because he has recently been elected as Chairman of the Republican Party, the Republican Party should support Art in his quest to defeat DeFazio. We should all be very pleased that we may have the quality of the man of Art Robinson in place of someone who has done a bad job for Oregon and have someone who is a conservative and works for the people, not for the conglomeration of liberals in this state.

    What can we do for you Art? I am ready to help!

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