The referendum on the four ordinances succeeded! The voters have spoken. All four measures were resoundingly defeated.

    Measure Ordinance          

    No Votes           Yes Votes
    17.53 Solid Waste & Nuisance Ordinance           76.48%           23.52%
    17.54 Code Enforcement Officer Ordinance           79.24%           10.76%
    17.55 Hearings Officer Ordinance           80.15%           19.85%
    17.56 Environmental Health Ordinance           77.47%           22.53%

The Josephine County Republican Central Committee voted to pass a resolution opposing these measures last June. Since then, we have received letters of support from the Republican Central Committees in 20 other Oregon counties, as well as from the Oregon Republican Party. These ordinances were badly written and overreaching, and we are very glad that they were defeated at the ballot box.

Voter turnout was high for an off year election. According to County Clerk, Art Harvey, voter turnout usually runs about 40% in off year elections. We had a 49.9% turnout to defeat these ordinances.

This is a big win for Jospehine County!


One thought on “Victory!

  1. At this mornings Board of Commissioner’s meeting, the crowd, who by all intents and purposes had won bragging rights by the big win last night; was calm and respectful of our “democratic process”. In my opinion, everyone except Cherryl Walker, who began to give an oration worthy of an Obama speech on steroids. By her third paragraph, I could take no more and left the building, stood out front until she was done. She clearly hasn’t gotten the message that the public in Josephine County doesn’t like constraints; they don’t like things forced down their throats and from the comments I heard after the meeting regarding her diatribe, it was expectedly tiresome and disappointing. While I doubt Keith Heck will change his approach to governance, he at least stated that he “heard” the voters load and clear.

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