Come See our New Campaign Headquarters!

We now have an official campaign headquarters for 2014! It’s at 513 NE 6th St, in Grants Pass, just across the street from the courthouse. The phone number is 507-1467.

Stop by and visit. We’re still in the process of setting it up, so if you can volunteer to help, please do!

We need decorations, office furniture, and of course, volunteers to help staff the headquarters.

Keep an eye out for our grand opening, coming soon….


One thought on “Come See our New Campaign Headquarters!

  1. Ok, Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger will have a schedule for you to sign up. It was sent out earlier, but I will ask our PCP coordinator to send it out again to all PCP’s asking kindly if you could volunteer a couple of hours every week (or every day if you like) to help staff the office. This is needed because we are doing a lot of “stuff” here, just getting off the ground. Need a lot of stuff also…trash cans, trash bags, refrigerator, cleaning supplies, etc. Thanks so much! Call Vivian at 714-903-6072 for a look at scheduling.

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