Republican Party Endorses Recall of Commissioner Cherryl Walker

The Josephine County Republican Central Committee voted on July 7 to endorse the effort to recall Commissioner Cherryl Walker.

Ms. Walker was elected Commissioner in 2012 by a margin of 58 votes. In her first year in office, she distinguished herself by personally campaigning for four “nuisance” ordinances that were subsequently defeated by nearly 80% in a referendum last November.

Since becoming chair of the Board of County Commissioners six months ago, she has twice called the police on citizens during Weekly Business Sessions for failure to obey rules that did not exist at the time, adjourned a Weekly Business Session without conducting county business because she felt she couldn’t control the meeting, and attempted to eliminate public comment from the Weekly Business Sessions.

The full grounds for the recall can be read here.

For more information on the recall, see


3 thoughts on “Republican Party Endorses Recall of Commissioner Cherryl Walker

  1. This seems to have been a more controversial move than it should have been, in my humble opinion. The Mission Statement of the JOCO Rep Party says this: “We fight to promote liberty and personal responsibility by restoring Constitutional limits on government.” After the adoption of four ordinances without public input, and Jack Swift led (with the help of Art Robinson) the collection of signatures to put the referendum on the ballot and by 80% of the vote we saw victory. The four nuisance ordinances were repealed by the voters. Cherryl Walker had, during the referendum process and when it was found that it qualified to be on the ballot, defended and promoted those four ordinances by(mis) using her power as a Commissioner to cut out time in the weekly Business Meetings to make presentations promoting the ordinances. Walker has continued, quite relentlessly, to assail the free speech of voters. She still chooses to attempt to grow our local government. There is no better example of a situation that Republicans should address. What is the definition of “fight” to promote “liberty” by restoring Constitutional limits on government? It is not to go silently into the night. The recall is appropriate and necessary, unless we choose to not just believe, but live our own mission statement.

  2. The last sentence should have been stated as follows: “The recall is appropriate and necessary, unless we choose to just believe but not live our own mission statement”, if you talk the talk you should walk the talk.

  3. This is not an endorsement when signs cannot be posted at an event. or headquarters or signature gatherers are not permitted at republican events. A vote was taken it must be abided by.

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