Help Staff the Republican Campaign Headquarters

We have an exciting campaign season ahead of us, and we need your help to staff our Campaign Headquarters and keep it open during regular hours so people can get information on our Repubican candidates.

Greg Walden is running for another term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Art Robinson, our State ORP Chair, is also running for Congress, challenging Democrat incumbent Peter DeFazio. Monica Wehby is running for U.S. Senate against Democrat incumbent Jeff Merkley.

Dennis Richardson is running for Governor. (This is a very important race because we cannot afford four more years of Kitzhaber!)

We also have Republican Candidates running for State Representative in the four districts in Josephine County. They are Wayne Krieger in District 1, Dallas Heard in District 2, Carl Wilson in District 3, and Duane Stark in District 4.

Republicans Simon Hare (incumbent) and Mark Gatlin are running for the non-partisan position of County Commissioner Position 1, and Republicans Gil Gilbertson (incumbent) and Dave Daniel are running for the non-partisan position of Sheriff.

We have signs and campaign literature for all of these Republican candidates at our Campaign Headquarters, at 513 NE 6th St in Grants Pass. But we need people to staff it to keep it open. If you can donate even two hours of your time, it will help!

Sue Stout will be in charge of scheduling people to staff our Headquarters. If you can help, please contact her at