New Executive Commitee

On November 12, the Republican Central Committee held it’s biannual organizational meeting, at which we elect our Executive Committee, Delegate, and Alternate Delegates. (For more information on these elected positions, please see JoCo RCC Officers & Delegates.)

Please congratulate our newly elected Executive Committee and delegates!

Executive Committee
Chair Joshua Robinson
Vice Chair Alan Koebrick
Treasurer Joanna Lofaso

Sue Stout
Delegates to the State Central Committee
Chair Joshua Robinson Alternate #1 Keith Trahern
Vice Chair Alan Koebrick Alternate #2 Nancy Trahern
Delegate Ron Glynn Alternate #3 Eric Schaafsma

Many thanks to our previous Chair, Keith Trahern, Vice-Chair, Eric Schaafsma, Treasurer, Kathy Kelly, and Secretary, Alan Koebrick for their service to the Josephine County Republican Party!