Photo op with Rich Wyatt (of American Guns)

Rich Wyatt If you’d like a chance to meet Rich Wyatt and have your photo taken with him, he will be at the Taprock Bar and Grill from 4:00 to 5:30 PM on February 6, just before the Lincoln Day Dinner. (This is just across the street from the Taprock Event Center, where the dinner will be.)

The photos will be printed, and signed by Rich Wyatt. The cost is $50, which will be used to support the Josephine County Republican party.

Rich Wyatt is the owner and founder of Gunsmoke Guns, a business that sells and builds guns, which he started in the 1980’s. Recently his family and business were the subjects of the reality series American Guns on the Discovery Channel. The show follows the Wyatt’s lives as they build, sell and trade custom guns and also historic firearms. Rich is currently being featured on the Sportsman’s Channel.

In addition to his gun business, he has a 22 year background in law enforcement and is a noted firearms instructor. He served as an instructor alongside Col. Jeff Cooper for several years and was one of only six Master Instructors certified by the Colonel. He also traveled and hunted in Africa with Col. Cooper.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Rich Wyatt in person, and get a signed photo with him!