Central Committee Passes Resolution Opposing Levy

At a special Central Committee meeting on April 14, the Josephine County Republican Central Committee voted to pass a resolution opposing Measure 17-66, the public safety levy.

A motion was made to take an official party position opposing the levy. 36 PCPs voted in favor of the motion to oppose the levy. 10 PCPs voted against the motion, and 9 PCPs abstained.

Prior to the vote, Harry Mackin and Roy Lindsay gave a presentation in favor of Measure 17-66, and Sheriff Dave Daniel answered questions about the Sherriff’s Office. Grants Pass Chief of Police, Bill Landis, also took questions.


2 thoughts on “Central Committee Passes Resolution Opposing Levy

  1. Awesome! It is so refreshing to see the party of small government and low taxes finally begin to live by its platform!!

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