Public Safety Levy Fails

Measure 17-66, the Public Safety Levy, failed 54% to 46%.

This was the fourth failed levy attempt in four years. Despite being the most heavily backed and funded of any previous levy attempt, it failed by a significantly larger margin than the last two levies.

Last month, the Josephine County Republican Central Committee passed a resolution officially opposing the levy.


One thought on “Public Safety Levy Fails

  1. IF anyone doubted that the Republican party is going back to its roots, there is no reason to doubt that now. However, that being said, this was a very grassroots effort by Republicans, some Constitution Party folks, some Libertarian Party people, some totally unaffiliated with any party and yes, even a democrat was in there! Thank you EVERYONE for the hard work, support for defeating this and we shout the mantra “NO NEW TAXES” (there are some reasons one might vote for a small new tax, but for the most part this one didn’t pass the smell test).

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