RCC Elects Delegates, Opposes Grants Pass Sales Tax

On September 9, the Josephine County Republican Central Committee held a meeting to elect a new vice chair and bonus delegates for the state Republican Convention. Also on the agenda was a discussion of the Grants Pass sales tax proposal.

Eric Schaafsma was elected vice chair, replacing Alan Koebrick who resigned. Four bonus delegates were elected: Helen Scott, Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger, Nancy Trahern, and Keith Trahern. Four alternate delegates were also elected, in case any of the delegates are unable to attend. The alternate bonus delegates elected are Joseph Rice, Trenor Scott, Betty Graham, and Sylvia McLoughlan.

Rob Pell, owner of Sunshine Natural Foods, gave a presentation against the proposed Grants Pass sales tax and Harry Mackin gave a presentation in favor of the sales tax. A discussion was held and a motion was made to take an official position opposing the sales tax in Grants Pass. The vote to officially oppose the sales tax was unanimous, except for one abstention.

The Josephine County Repubican Party officially opposes the Grants Pass sales tax.