Great Election Results!

Trump won!
Dennis Richardson won!
Measure 97 failed.
The levy failed.

Congratulations to our newly elected County Commissioners, Lily Morgan and Dan DeYoung. For complete local election results, click here.

A Message from our Chair

Dear Friends,
     On behalf of all of the members and coworkers of the Josephine County Republican Party, thank you to all of you for your extensive and effective work on behalf of Republican candidates and Republican principles in this 2016 election.
     We have reached part of our goals, and we have together participated in very important steps forward for our county, state, and nation. There still is much to do, and we have made a great beginning.
     We made major progress in Oregon.
     We will now have Dennis Richardson as our new Secretary of State. He is the first Republican to win statewide office in Oregon in 14 years, and he will be our first Republican Secretary of State in over 30 years! Hopefully this is just a beginning in turning things around for Oregon. Just having Dennis in the second highest office in Oregon is tremendous progress by itself!!
     Because of everyone’s hard work, we also prevented some very large increases in our taxes which many of our citizens could not afford and which I know many of you worked hard to prevent.
     And, of course, I am sure we are thrilled by the outcome of our Presidential and other national elections!
     Please be sure to attend the JCRP meeting on November 17th at 6 pm at the Board Room. We will be electing our officers for the coming two years.
     Thank you for the privilege of working with you. I look forward to continuing to do so.
     May God Bless America! We thank Him for His Blessings!

Chairman, Josephine County GOP