SB 872 – Vote Yes – Health

Prohibits public body from issuing COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

Senator Thatcher’s bill to Ban Vaccine Passports has gone to committee!! We have 24 hours to call and email.

Let us do this!! All hands-on deck!  Please write and call in the next 24 hours to ask Senators to support SB872, the bill to ban vaccine passports!
SB 872 is Kim Thatcher’s bill to protect medical privacy and prohibit vaccine verification (vaccine passports). It was unlikely that this bill would get assigned to a committee this late in the legislative session, BUT to our astonishment the bill has been assigned to a committee, meaning that it has some positive traction. The governor and legislator leadership hears us! Keep up the emails. WE HAVE 24 hours to email members of this committee and ask them to support SB 872 (We probably need approx. 4000 emails) so forward this to people who support this effort. It is easy and simple so please take 45 sec. to do this! This bill is Pro Equality and Pro HIPAA, Pro 14th Amendment, Pro bodily autonomy issue and more!

Please Contact Sen. Peter Courtney Keep it brief, personal, and courteous. Call 503-986-1600


Please contact the committee members and ask them to schedule a public hearing and to pass it ASAP.
Senator Ron Wagner 503-986-1719
Senator Fred Girod 503-986-1709
Senator Ginny Burdick 503-986-1718
Senator James Manning 503-986-1707
Senator Kim Thatcher 503-986-1713
Senator Peter Courtney 503-986-1600
Speaker Tina Kotek 503-986-1444

The first reading of bill HB 3407 was 6/8/2021

SUMMARY: Prohibits person or public body from requiring an individual to state or document vaccination against or immunity to COVID-19 to access certain amenities. Prohibits person or public body from requiring an individual to wear face-covering if an individual does not state or document vaccination against or immunity to COVID-19 to access certain amenities.

Please send e-mail or phone and thank the following Senators and Representatives for standing up for our rights to privacy and taking a stand to ban the implementation of discriminatory vaccine passports. Tell them we “stand beside them”.

The legislation has the following 12 Chief Co-Sponsors including House and Senate members and bipartisan support in the House.

Representative Mark Owens 541-889-8866

Senator Lynn P. Findley 503-986-1730

Senator Bill Hansell 503-986-1729

Representative Vikki Breese Iverson 503-986-1455

Representative Christine Drazan 503-986-1439

Representative – Bobby Levy 503-986-1458

Representative – Lily Morgan 503-986-1403 

Representative E. Werner Reschke 503-986-1456

Representative Greg Smith 541-676-5154

Senator Kim Thatcher   503-986-1713

Representative Duane A. Stark 503-986-1404

Representative Jack Zika 503-986-1453

from the office of

SALEM, Ore. – On Monday, Representative Mark Owens (R-Crane) introduced House Bill 3407 to ban the implementation of vaccine passports in Oregon and protect the privacy and rights of Oregonians.

“Requiring proof of vaccinations via a vaccine passport program is wrong and it opens the door to myriad problems,” said Rep. Owens. “It’s a violation of our privacy and our freedoms, it’s discriminatory, and it shows the Governor doesn’t believe Oregonians can be trusted.”

The legislation would prevent any public body – state, local or special government body – from issuing a requirement for proof of vaccination through a vaccine passport from COVID-19 or variants of COVID-19.

“Let me be clear—this is not an argument over COVID-19 or the COVID-19 vaccine. It is about Oregonians’ rights. I believe the choice to get a vaccine is a personal, private medical decision that should be made between an individual and their medical provider, and that Oregonians should be free to make that choice for themselves,” said Owens.

In addition, to prevent discriminatory actions and repercussions, it would prohibit a person or public body from being able to legally require an individual to state or document vaccine status against COVID-19 to access credit, insurance, education, facilities, medical services, housing or accommodations, travel, entry into this state, employment or purchase goods or services.

It would also prohibit these entities from being legally able to require an individual to wear a face covering if the individual does not wish to disclose vaccine status.

The bill applies only to the COVID-19 vaccinations and would not change any current laws with regards to immunizations for other restrictable diseases for schools and children’s facilities