Book Clubs Across America Launches With "Better Angels"

The NFRW Literacy and Education Committee has launched Book Clubs Across America with a virtual discussion of “Better Angels: You can change the world. You are not alone” featuring NFRW President Ann Schockett interviewing the book’s authors Sadie Keller and Congressman Michael McCaul. The result is an enjoyable, touching and informative interaction. WATCH THE VIRTUAL INTERVIEW HERE

“Better Angels” is the story of how a seven-year-old beat cancer and changed childhood cancer research in America through her friendship with a Texas legislator. Diagnosed with leukemia at age 7, Sadie tells a heartbreaking yet heartwarming tale – in her own words – of what it’s like to face the possibility of death at a young age and how to turn it into a life-giving opportunity. Sadie recounts her journey forward with the support of helpful people – her “Better Angels.” Now 14 years old and a cancer survivor, Sadie is an activist and lobbyist for childhood cancer research.

The NFRW Literacy and Education Committee has selected this book as our “Book of the Year 2021.” We recommend you start reading the book, either by purchasing or downloading, and then share it at your club meetings. This book can serve as a user’s manual for anyone who wants to change the world … by seeking and sparking love from the countless people who can help make it happen.

“Better Angels” can be purchased from your favorite local bookstore or online bookseller. All proceeds from book purchases are given to childhood cancer research.