2017 Licoln Day Dinner

Join your fellow Republicans for a delicious dinner at Calvary Chapel, 269 W Harbeck Rd, on Saturday, March 25. The social hour begins at 5:30 PM, and dinner will be served at 6:30.

Our keynote speaker will be Holly Swanson, a leading authority on the subversive agenda of the environmental movement. We’ll also have a special update by Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson. And there will be a fun auction to benefit the Josephine County Republican Central Committee, with lots of great deals on all kinds of things you know you need (or at least want)!

The cost is $45 per person, or $400 to reserve a whole table, payable to the Josephine County Republican Central Committee.

Make your reservations by clicking here.

2/18/2017 RCC Meeting

Our next Republican Central Committee meeting will be held on Saturday, February 18, at the Guild Building, 1867 Williams Hwy, Suite 100, in Grants Pass. Credentialing will begin at 6:15 and the agenda will start promptly at 7:00 PM.

The agenda will include a discussion of PCP organization and plans for the upcoming Lincoln Day Dinner.

All PCPs should attend. Please feel free to bring snacks and desserts to share!

Christmas Party, December 14, 2016

merry-christmas Please join us for a fun Christmas party on Wednesday, December 14, at the Josephine County Republican headquarters (513 NE 6th St, across from the Courthouse).

This will be a pot luck party, so bring your favorite Christmas dish or dessert to share. (It doesn’t actually have to be a Christmas dish; you can bring whatever you want. :)

This is a family friendly party with fun and fellowship, a time to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, and share your Christmas joy with your fellow Republicans. Don’t forget to bring the kids!

RCC elects new Executive Committee and Delegates

At our November 17 organizational meeting, the Josephine County Republican Central Committee elected our new Executive Committee and delegates to the state Central Committee.

The election results are:

Chair: Joshua Robinson
Vice Chair: Dennis Dickson
Secretary: Andreas Blech
Treasurer: Brad Converse
Delegate: Ron Glynn
Delegate: Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger
Alternate Delegate #1: Ward Ockenden
Alternate Delegate #2: Bruce McFarland
Alternate Delegate #3: Dordie Lamphier
Alternate Delegate #4: Richard Siler

Please congratulate our newly elected officers and delegates!

2016 RCC Organizational Meeting

Every two years, all Republican Central Committees hold an organizational meeting, at which they elect their new Executive Committee and delegates to the state Central Committee.

This year, the Josephine County Republican organizational meeting will be held on Thursday, November 17, at the Guild Building, 867 Williams, Hwy, Suite 100. Registration begins at 6:15 PM, and the meeting will be called to order at 7:00 PM.

All PCPs (Precinct Committee Persons) should attend. Other Republicans are welcome to attend, but only elected PCPs can vote.

Please feel free to bring snacks or desserts to share!

JoCo Republicans earn new Delegate

As of October 5, 2016, Josephine County now has 22,775 registered Republicans. This gives us another additional delegate to the state convention, who will be elected by the PCP’s at the Republican Central Committee Organization Meeting on November 17, 2016.

A county that has more then 15,000 registered Republicans gets one additional delegate, and any county with over 22,500 registered Republicans gets another additional delegate.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who have staffed the Republican Headquarters for so many hours over the past year, and helped to push us over the top!

Great Election Results!

Trump won!
Dennis Richardson won!
Measure 97 failed.
The levy failed.

Congratulations to our newly elected County Commissioners, Lily Morgan and Dan DeYoung. For complete local election results, click here.

A Message from our Chair

Dear Friends,
     On behalf of all of the members and coworkers of the Josephine County Republican Party, thank you to all of you for your extensive and effective work on behalf of Republican candidates and Republican principles in this 2016 election.
     We have reached part of our goals, and we have together participated in very important steps forward for our county, state, and nation. There still is much to do, and we have made a great beginning.
     We made major progress in Oregon.
     We will now have Dennis Richardson as our new Secretary of State. He is the first Republican to win statewide office in Oregon in 14 years, and he will be our first Republican Secretary of State in over 30 years! Hopefully this is just a beginning in turning things around for Oregon. Just having Dennis in the second highest office in Oregon is tremendous progress by itself!!
     Because of everyone’s hard work, we also prevented some very large increases in our taxes which many of our citizens could not afford and which I know many of you worked hard to prevent.
     And, of course, I am sure we are thrilled by the outcome of our Presidential and other national elections!
     Please be sure to attend the JCRP meeting on November 17th at 6 pm at the Board Room. We will be electing our officers for the coming two years.
     Thank you for the privilege of working with you. I look forward to continuing to do so.
     May God Bless America! We thank Him for His Blessings!

Chairman, Josephine County GOP