Governor Kate Brown’s Words: The Governor needs to learn we the people’s approval is required

Northwest Observer

Through the accelerated learning process in the last year-and-a-half by citizens and by businesses, Kate Brown may soon learn that we the people’s approval is not only needed but required.

Through the ongoing years, the increasing word mash from the government has smashed and bashed American citizens including Oregonians bringing on cognitive dissonance as elected and unelected government officials violated the Oregon Constitution including Section 21 that is a “shall” that “…acts are plainly worded…”.

On June 25, the Governor gave Oregonians her next Executive Order, nine more pages of her words. Nine pages and none are searchable using the control-F feature and there is no index. This is a longstanding pattern for state governments whether in Oregon or Washington State.

It brings such cognitive dissonance to Oregonians, such confusion that one business owner was asked how the state of Oregon, the governor, and or administrative agencies contacted him, how did he know what the “rules” were for his restaurant? The owner said that he had no contact from any of them directly. And nothing in the mail. Their obedience to the governor came from watching the news. On page nine, her last page of her EO Kate Brown added:

Legal Effect. This Executive Order is issued under the authority conferred to the Governor by ORS 401.236, and, pursuant to ORS 401.192, has the full force and effect of law. In all the governor’s executive orders she never copies into the body of the Executive Order the actual laws of Oregon including this most imperative, vital, and is a “must” and “shall” section of the law, ORS 401.165:

Any proclamation of a state of emergency must specify the geographical area covered by the proclamation. Such area shall be no larger than necessary to effectively respond to the emergency. A county is not a geographical area, counties are man-made political areas.

The governor never addresses ORS 401.165(5) subsection of the law. Governors whether in Oregon or Jay Inslee in Washington State hope citizens do not go look up the laws. Repeatedly thrown at the citizen are the words rules, guidance, suggestions, mandates, requirements, policies, etc. But if any of those violate the law, they are null and void.

Restore Washington took Governor Jay Inslee to court with the outcome being in July of 2020:

“The Governor finally admitted what we have always known: he doesn’t have the authority to enforce these so-called mandates. If businesses or individuals like his recommendations, they can comply, but as he told the United States District Court, he can’t make you follow his foolish edicts. After this ruling from the Court, Governor Inslee has to publicly admit what he has told the Courts over and over: his Proclamations are suggestions only.”Why then did OSHA in Oregon and Labor and Industries in Washington State continue to contact businesses and issue them fines?

–Margo Logan