1.  JoCo has the lowest property tax rate in the state, and we get 82% of our revenue from the state and federal governments.

2.  The county has purchased about 720 acres for about $700,000 for growing timber.  Last year timber contracts brought in $1,798.000 to the county.

3.  The JoCo charter section 29.10 says: To protect the children’s health and well-being, parents or guardians have the natural right, if they so choose, to refuse immunizations for their minor children. Ergo, the school or health department is not allowed to vaccinate minor children without parental consent. 

As an aside, if you haven’t read the county charter, I recommend you do so.  Josephine County Charter.pdf

There are also sections guaranteeing our first and second amendment rights.  So churches in this county never should have been closed down.

Heidi Napier