Information on Obtaining the Referendum Petition to REPEAL SB554 Because It Violates the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

From: Mike Nearman
Subject: Referendum on SB 554

As you probably know by now, I, with Reps. Reschke and David Brock Smith have filed a referendum against SB 554. At this point I am awaiting approval to circulate from the Secretary of State.

Repeal SB554.png

I have a website up at which still needs a little work, but the basic parts function.

I have a PAC called Responsible Response, number 21531 registered with the Secretary of State.

We need about 75,000 signatures in about 120 days, which means about 625 signatures per day, so we have our work cut out for us. I’m hoping to have a robust fair/festival season this year and to leverage my friends at the ORP and the county parties to help.

Let’s get this done and show them that we have the last word on our civil rights.

Thanks in advance, everyone.