JoCo RCC Officers & Delegates

Executive Committee
Chair Joshua Robinson 541-231-9564
Vice Chair Dennis Dickson
Secretary Andreas Blech
Treasurer Dick Smith
Ron Glynn 541-659-9620
Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger 714-903-6072
Alternate Delegates
#1 Ward Ockenden
#2 Bruce McFarland
#3 Dordie Lmphier
#4 Richard Siler

The Republican Central Committee (RCC) is made up of Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) who are elected by the Republican voters in their precincts during the Primary elections. The Executive Committee is elected by the PCPs at the RCC Organizational Meeting, which is held in November of even numbered years.

The State Republican Convention convenes in the summer of even numbered years to establish the state’s Republican Party platform and party strategy for the next two years. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Executive Committee and the elected Delegates attend the state convention.

A county that has more then 15,000 registered Republicans gets an additional delegate, and any county with over 22,500 registered Republicans gets another additional delegate. (Josephine County now has 22,775 Registered Republicans.) The delegates are elected by the PCPs at the RCC Organizational Meeting, at the same time the Executive Committee is elected.

In addition to those delegates, each county is alotted a certain number of “bonus” delegates, based on how many Republicans are registered in the county at the time of the primary election immediately preceding the state convention. Each county gets one bonus delegate for every 5,000 registered Republicans. The bonus delegates are also elected by the PCPs, at a special RCC meeting held a few weeks before the state convention, after we find out how many bonus delegates we’re allotted.

If you’re interested in becoming a PCP, or in finding out how you can become a Delegate, please contact our JoCo RCC Chair, Joshua Robinson.KiKirkpa