Petition #301 a Referendum on SB 554 Gun Restrictions

On June 2, 2021, the Elections Division received Referendum Petition 2022-301, proposed for the Nov. 8, 2022, Oregon General Election.

We need to get this done and show them “you know who them is” that we will have the last word on our civil rights.

SUBJECT PROVIDED BY CHIEF PETITIONER: Responsible Firearms Response – PAC #21531 registered with Secretary of State.


Mike Nearman – E. Werner Reschke – David Brock Smith


You can download a SINGLE SIGNER SHEET here:

You can download a TEN LINE SHEET so you can gather signatures from registered voters:

If you are going to gather signatures, please follow the instructions at this link:

Mail signed sheets to:

Responsible Response

2570 Greenwood Road S.

Independence, OR 97351

This is the link to the already signed Senate Bill 554

The bill as passed requires a person to secure a firearm with a trigger or cable lock, in a locked container or in a gun room, with violations punished by a maximum of $500 fine or a maximum of $2,000 fine if a minor obtains an unsecured firearm as a result of the violation.

It also requires a person to report the loss or theft of a firearm within 72 hours of the time the person knew or reasonably should have known of the loss or theft. Punishes violation of this requirement by a maximum of $1,000 fine.

It also authorizes the boards of public universities, community colleges, or school districts to adopt policies providing that affirmative defense for concealed handgun licensees possessing firearms on school grounds does not apply, effectively making these places gun-free zones. SB 544 restricts one’s ability to defend oneself at home.

State Representatives Mike Nearman (R-Independence), E. Werner Reschke (R-Malin) and David Brock Smith (R-Gold Beach) filed the referendum and now have about 3 months to gather 79,680 valid signatures. If they are successful in gathering these signatures, SB 554 will be presented to the voters in the November 2022 General Election.

This link takes you to the Oregon Citizens Lobby explaining the original SB 544 bill in more detail. This bill is shocking as it is aimed directly, and only, at those with concealed handgun license, one of the most law-abiding segments of society.