Petition To Defeat the Deep State and Defend Our Constitution

We’ve delivered a blistering defeat to the Biden Administration in court. Time’s up. They MUST comply.

We haven’t just been warning you that President Biden would empower the Deep State to shred the Constitution; we’ve been filing lawsuits. Now, even as President Biden seeks to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal with Iran’s new murderer president, we caught the original architects of the disastrous deal – the Obama-Biden Administration – in a massive lie.

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Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki is caught right in the middle of the cover-up. Our lawsuit uncovered a critical email involving a newly confirmed Administration “meeting” where a “decision” was reached, but the Biden Deep State redacted all the details. What are they hiding?

We’re about to find out because we recently won big in federal court. The court ordered the Biden State Department to turn over the document to the ACLJ – unredacted. The Biden Administration’s deadline is up. They MUST give us the full document. And we’re prepared to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if they don’t quickly comply. As we take on the unlimited (taxpayer-funded) resources of the Deep State in court – in case after case after case – we need YOU . . . NOW MORE THAN EVER. We’re your last line of defense in court.

Sign Our Petition: Defeat the Biden Deep State in Court. Jordan Sekulow

ACLJ Executive Director