Public Meeting on the Wildfire Risk Map 8-18-22


(FB Group: Private Property vs Government & Wildfires)
Senate Bill 762

Fairgrounds Evergreen Pavilion
1451 Fairgrounds Rd
THURS., AUG. 18, 7 – 9 pm

Your Private Property at Risk!

Not from wildfire so much as Government Overreach & Intrusion

  • Insurance Rate Hikes*
  • Maybe complete loss of Insurance Policies*
  • Government Dictates what YOU must do at your cost*
  • Jump through all the government’s hoops & rules to comply and Your risk assessment still doesn’t change!*

Come join us for an evening of information – Help us develop action plans

Stand up, Fight back against this Government abuse!

*For more information call Ron Smith 541-660-4185

Wildfire risk map