Results of Josephine County Governor’s Forum, Straw Poll, April 29, 2022

Attached are the straw poll results from the Governor’s forum.  A brief explanation follows:
Results of Josephine County Governor’s Forum, Straw Poll, April 29, 2022
Of the nearly 300 attendees, 168 filled out and handed in ballots. Many attendees were investing their time speaking to candidates. 
Some candidates brought teams who participated in the poll. 
An additional 64 People watched online, live, so were not able to vote.
As of May 1, there have been 545 views of the Josephine County Governors Forum on YouTube
150 filled out ballots with 1st and 2nd Choices marked
14 chose only one candidate
2 marked 2 candidates, each with an X. (they were included in the top 2 choice column)
2 chose 3 candidates*   Noted, but not added to totals.

The First Choice and Second Choice columns speak for themselves.  They are the actual number of votes marked on the ballots.  On two ballots (four votes), only Xs were marked, not 1 and 2 as requested.  We did not count the three ballots where 3 candidates were chosen; however we made a column showing those for full transparency.
The “top two choices” column allows us to look at the total number of votes that each candidate received — combining first and second choices.  We looked at those because the first choice vote was so close and then the second choice vote showed a bit of a different story.  The combined number shows the TOTAL number of votes that each candidate received:  first choice votes plus second choice votes plus the votes that were Xs rather than first or second choices.  It is interesting data, but not everyone will want to look at that; it’s just a choice for those who enjoy data. 
It was an interesting forum.  What is most notable is that there were nearly 300 attendees and 545 YouTube views.  So over 800 people got to see the forum.  Thank you to all who participated.
For God and country,

Holli Morton