Written by: Matt Morsa

I have a few bits of information I want to share, but first, let me say that I appreciate you for being willing to stand up and be counted. We must fight for our kid’s and grand kid’s futures. We are late to the game, but it’s not too late.

You must show up to the board meetings as soon as they are open to the public and let the good board members and teachers know you have their backs. After all, if they see that we aren’t willing to fight for our own kid’s and grand kid’s futures, why should they?

Talk to your friends who also have kids in school about these issues. Let them know what’s going on. We all must participate.

This first piece of information is the “Every Student Policy.” (See attached)

My concerns are threefold. First, I’m concerned that “equity” will lead to some kids getting help, while others do not base solely on skin color or some other personal feature or behavior. If a kid needs help, help them. No exceptions. All parents know some kids need more help than others in various fields of study, even within their own families. No reasonable parent wants any kid to fall through the cracks, it’s not good for society generally.

Second, you will notice under the “Guiding Principles” section that enforcement of these principles could involve the federal government via Title IX. I know that Title IX has been around since 1972 (you can look it up on the net and learn more), but I don’t think the threat of using it to punish kids for violations of these “principles” was ever the intention.

Side note:

Title IX states: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or be subject to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

The point I want to make here is that it appears Title IX comes into play if our district takes Federal money. I’m not sure if the district has to take the Federal financial assistance directly or if, on the district’s behalf, the state takes Federal financial assistance.

Back in olden times, a student who violated a school or district rule would face some sort of sanction, suspension or expulsion, if warranted, by the school or school district. This is the level of government where such issues should be resolved. The Oregon Department of Education is sending you a hard message. They will go to any length to indoctrinate your kids.

Third, and this is a bigger concern, in my opinion. If kids are taught from kindergarten that “equity” is real and not a myth, how will these kids react as they get older and inevitably realize equity is not real? Will they take it in stride? Or will they go to a darker place? A friend of mine took his own life during my junior year of high school. None of his friends saw any sign he would go to such lengths to end his pain. It was heartbreaking.

Telling kids that their outcome will be equal and that some “thought leader” can make it so is dangerous. The people pushing the equity myth are treating our kids like lab rats in some horrible social experiment, only parents can stop it. These are OUR kids, not their lab samples.

The second group of information I want to pass on is the “math is racist” nonsense coming down from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).

This first link is to a bulletin sent out this past February. Read the whole thing, but pay close attention to “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction” and everything below it.

They were offering online classes to teachers beginning February 25, 2021, titled “Pathway to Match Equity Micro-Course 2.0: Valuing and elevating student discourse in the math classroom.” I didn’t register to watch what they were teaching, nor did I think I could, so I haven’t seen it.

This next link is for the study guide:

This link is for the whole manual:

I did email these links to the district’s superintendent, Dave Valenzuela, via his executive assistance, Shelly Quick. I called a week later and she said that Dave wrote an official statement about the materials. She emailed me the statement, I include it below:

TRSD has not received any directive or program that involves removing racism or implicit bias from mathematics. To be clear, we are not engaged in a program that neither removes nor adds racism or racist views in mathematics. We grade assignments and assessments the same regardless of your race/ethnicity.

I was thrilled to read this from Dave. Apparently, what the ODE is doing is sending the racist material around the local boards and local administrations directly to the teachers hoping the teachers will enact it behind their and our collective backs.

Had I not been poking around, the first parents would have heard about this is when some kid came home and said something to her parents about it in passing and the parent said, “Your teacher said what?”

The ODE is sneaky as heck. We must be on watch 24/7 so they don’t slip one past us.

The final piece of information is the “Superintendent’s Message on Inclusion and Anti-racism Efforts” PDF. (See attached)

Make of it what you will. I did call a board member last July to discuss it and she pointed out that there had been some incidents of racist symbols and comments from a few students. To learn more I encourage you to call a board member.

I hope that we can stop this gross social science experiment on our kids before it’s too late. But I realize that ultimately homeschooling or private education may be the only solutions.