SB 767 limits charter school location OPPOSE


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In CommitteeWork Session 02/28/2023 3:00pm HR B
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This bill limits the scope by which public charter schools may conduct operations in school district that is not sponsor of public charter school.

Sponsored by the Committee on Education, it is hard to understand why it was proposed without researching the schools that would be affected and focused on one charter school. The reason is that the charter school would draw students away from a district that isn’t the sponsor and have an impact on funding. It goes against school choice, however letting larger schools go around the state setting up charter schools so that limitation may be needed.

With nearly a thousand parents writing in opposition, it is hard to find a handful of those in support. Many are charter schools in operation for 14 and 16 years. The construction crisis has hit more than homes, some of these schools have been forced to find locations out of their sponsor district. This bill would force them to close if the new district does not pick up sponsorship even though the majority of the students are outside of the sponsoring district.

Another issue is school district boundaries shift, that leaves charter schools vulnerable to being shifted as well.

Amendments are coming that may change some opposition.