Our freedoms are being attacked by the very people that have taken the oath of office to protect us.  This is happening at a rate faster than I have ever seen. The Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights, is ABSOLUTE!

The 2nd Amendment guarantees our protection from a government that does not respect the document, which each member of our congress has sworn to uphold. The Right to bear “arms shall not be infringed upon”.

How is it that we have at least 200,000 laws controlling the use and possession of firearms in our country? Why are we allowing our elected officials to keep pushing law abiding citizens up against the wall?

All of our elected government officials need to be placed on notice: We, the people that have elected them, will hold each of them accountable.  Complete adherences to the Rule of Law applies to all citizens.

Support of Constitution of the United States is not an option, it is mandatory.

Richard M. Asaro

2nd Amendment Chair