Frank Schneider a PCP forwarded this: NOTE: The following is from a friend, first-hand report of her neighbor’s experience, so I know it is true. It starts with Please don’t forward. But I will do so, eliminating anything and everything that might possibly be used to I.D. either of them. 

Report exposing the C-19 fear-porn lies, some doctors tell and newspapers print. 

Begin Forward:      From my liberal neighbor…..this is his wake-up call for him, but not for me…I always knew the media lies, lies, & lies!! ********* (my friend).

Please don’t forward or use my name. I went to 3-Rivers this morning @ (time) am with the hope of getting a diagnosis and likely antibiotic for what appeared to be a very infected (digit)  I’ll spare you the picture, huge, red & very Strange.

After reading the newspaper accounts and the video sent out by the hospital of Dr. Nelson speaking about the Covid crisis, the packed to overflow capacity, the extra tent outside the ER, and the National Guard, I truly didn’t know if I would even make it into their parking lot and kind of had a contingency plan in my mind that I was hoping would be unnecessary.  

I drive right in, the lot is 90% empty and I parked in the row of parking nearest to the ER. The tent was there but empty and its AC was off. There was one patient in the waiting room which is big enough for probably 50 but has chairs distanced to fit about 25. After checking in, having vitals, etc checked and waiting about 2 hours, I’m brought back into the area with all the examining rooms. I am expecting based on news media reports of gurneys in the hallways, patients everywhere, and staff running around in sweaty scrubs that haven’t been changed in over 24 hours…..really, that is what I expected when I left my house. They did ask if I have been Covid vaxxed but made no comment on my answer (for that I was grateful). 

The reality in the ER (it may be different in other areas of the hospital, to that I can’t speak), 8 out 10 rooms were empty, the staff seemed perky sitting at their stations, and everything was as one might expect (time) o’clock on a (day)  morning. I got blood tests and an ultrasound and fortunately, they believe it to be of the minor (but extreme variety) type of infection. No tendon sheaths are involved, so a simple course of oral anti bugs should handle it.  When I left at about (time) there were about 6-8 people in the waiting room. I went to the drugstore on the way home and got the antibiotics which I hope start working soon.