HB2002 Relating to health; Declaring an emergency OPPOSE


HB 2002 VOTE: NO

Official Bill Description:

Modifies provisions relating to reproductive health rights.

Oregon Republican Party Statement:


Modifies provisions relating to reproductive health rights. Modifies provisions relating to access to reproductive health care and gender-affirming treatment. Modifies provisions relating to protections for providers of and individuals receiving reproductive and gender-affirming health care services. Creates crime of interfering with a health care facility. Punishes by maximum of 364 days’ imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Creates right of action for person or health care provider aggrieved by interference with health care facility. Repeals criminal provisions relating to concealing birth. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

This bill is up for a work session and will not have any more public comment. Please use the links below to contact the legislators on the committee and ask them to vote no on this horrible bill.

Link to bill on OLIS;