Volunteers & PCPs


A PCP is a Precinct Committee Person

It is the role of the Precinct Committee Person (PCP) to represent the Republican Party at the grassroots level for fellow registered Republican voters in the PCP’s respective precinct. You are the heart and soul of the Oregon Republican Party. You are the backbone of the county’s success.

As a PCP YOU are the most important person in the Republican Party. You have the power to direct the outcome of elections to ensure the values of Republicans are reflected in public policy and political office.

Major Activities:

  • Stay politically knowledgeable of city, county, state, and national political issues.
  • Attend and participate in County Central Committee meetings.
  • Elect county party leadership and delegates to the State Conventions and State Central Committee meetings.
  • Vote on official party business and resolutions of local concern.


A precinct is the smallest geographical unit whose boundaries are determined by the state election laws, which can be serviced by one polling place on Election Day. Elections are won or lost in the precinct! Therefore, a viable precinct organization with the priority being to elect Republican candidates is imperative.

If the Republican Party is to continue to grow, year-round effort is required both in election years and in “off” years. Involvement in this effort will lead to immeasurable rewards. It is not easy, but it can be fun!

The success of the Party Organization rests primarily on precinct chairpersons. Your ultimate job is to see that every Republican voter in the precinct is registered, eligible to vote, and casts his/ her ballot on Election Day. You must also work with those voters, Independents and Democrats who can be influenced to vote Republican. To be successful, the precinct chairperson must be a good neighbor.

If you decide to volunteer your time to support your community, we will train you to guarantee that you have the tools to succeed.

Becoming a PCP is easy… Download the application SEL 105 with Josephine County. If elections have been completed, you can be appointed as a PCP. Download appointed application.

Contact us to learn more about the process.



1. PCPs serve for two years as a Republican Party representative in their own neighborhood. State law specifies in ORS 248.015 (6) The term of office of a precinct committee person is from the 24th day after the date of the primary election until the 24th day after the date of the next following primary election. There are two PCP positions (one man & one woman) for every 500 voters registered in your precinct.

2. PCPs support all Republican candidates after the Primary Election. You are the eyes, ears, and legs for candidates in your precinct. You play a critical role in selecting and electing Republican candidates for a wide range of positions from the local school board to US Congress. You’ll be asked to volunteer on various campaigns in your area.

3. PCPs are the “grass roots base” of the Republican Party. You are the liaison to the County Party organization. This is a year-round commitment, which entails certain responsibilities; the most important is to keep in touch with your Republican neighbors. Recruit and train volunteers whenever possible. Maintain and update a database of the Republican voters in your precinct with phone numbers and e-mail addresses when possible.

4. PCPs canvass their precinct going door-to-door passing out literature for candidates and the Party, as well as talking to voters. Walking lists can be obtained from your County Party or the local county elections department.

5. PCPs register voters. This can be done at events or just handing out voter registration cards in your neighborhood.

6. PCPs identify voters. Lots of voters consider themselves Republicans but are not registered with the Party. Phone calls and personal contacts are good ways to identify which issues are hot buttons for them and whether they are likely to vote Republican. This information can be put in a database and used later for special mailings and other projects.

7. PCPs help Get Out The Vote. Without votes, even the best Republican candidates can’t win. Making sure voters turn in their ballots by Election Day is the most crucial job you have as a PCP. GOTV drives include phone banks and door-belling. These efforts are especially urgent in the final days before the ballots are due.

8. PCPs participate in fundraising activities. They are often asked to volunteer at events sponsored by the local or state parties. Money is the mother’s milk of politics.

10. PCPs attend meetings of the county Republican Central Committee. You need to attend the county party’s organizational meeting (held in November of even-numbered years) to elect party leadership. Other county meetings are also held throughout the year to formulate policy and develop strategies.

11. PCPs need to be flexible. There is no magic formula for success. Use your best judgement to inform voters and get them to cast a favorable ballot for Republicans.

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